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Kaehukai Keala

Hometown: Born and raised in Molokaʻi, Hawaii. Currently living on Oʻahu, Hawaii.

Why you’re here/Why Alaska: As a kid, I grew up without running water or electricity on Niʻaupala fishpond on Molokaʻi. Living off the grid taught lots of skills and values that I feel Angling Unlimited demonstrates. I am so excited to be able to be a part of this nostalgic opportunity in such a beautiful and positive atmosphere. I cannot wait for the experience to start!

What you do in the offseason: During the offseason, I am a collegiate volleyball player and student at Eastern Washington University. I am studying Recreation and Tourism Management as well as sports management. I hope this upcoming offseason, I will be continuing my schooling as a graduate student or/and furthering my career within sports or recreation.

What you love to do/hobbies: I love baking sweets, ocean sports, fishing, hiking, painting, and traveling. I also enjoy learning more about my culture and practicing traditions with my family. I also adore all animals, big and small, as I have a cat named Roo and hopefully a dog soon.

Education/goals/career plan: I am a current graduate school applicant and hope to get my master’s in Sports and Recreation administration. I hope this will allow me to have a resume to support my future goals of being involved in either collegiate sports or the recreation and tourism department as I cannot see myself working indoors.

Favorite Quote: Ola kākou i ka ʻāina, ola ka ʻāina iā kākou – “Man lives because of the land, the land lives because of the man.”

Photo ofKaehukai Keala
Kaehukai Keala
Job Title
Angling Unlimited
4256 Halibut Point Rd,
Sitka, Alaska, 99835