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Herring Fishing Combat Zone, photo taken by Vaughn Morrison

The 2010 Commercial Herring fishery happened last month.  This is always an entertaining, dangerous, exciting thing to watch and this year was no exception.  There is big money to be made for the boats that can make the big set.  With the clock ticking, money on the line, and huge schools of herring being pointed out by the spotters that fly over in small planes, there is no such thing as “Too close for comfort”!

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  • DICK QUINCER says:

    Hi Chuck:
    I enjoyed the picture and notation about the Herring season. I saw the boats swarming out from the harbor and the bay coverage as it happened on the web site…
    which I tap in to from time to time to see what is going on in
    Sitka. I forwarded it to a lot of family and friends.I googled the phrase
    Sitka News Today and found out that the run was on. I am still doing video production, but economy sent the volume south as corporations cut back, so I have been working in the Hunting Department at BASS PRO selling all manner of guns, ammo, safes, optics, scents, calls, knives, and the like…AU is often discussed as many customers have hunted Alaska and fished Sitka. You are doing a great job with the web site…always interesting. Best wishes to you, Tom, your families and the gang at AU for a prosperous, safe, fun fishing Season.


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