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Big Halibut Trifecta

By July 7, 2010No Comments


Jeff Sparks, Dan Pickett, and Scott Harr with their halibut

 Captain Chris Weiland led Dan Pickett, Scott Harr, and Jeff Sparks to a halibut trifecta today. After an unproductive hour soaking for halibut, Chris made a minor adjustment in anchor position. It paid off with three halibut in less than a half hour. The fish weighed 60, 100, and 150 pounds. The group also located a few silvers, which we hope are the vanguard of the run. Near shore the ocean was foggy much of the day, but on the hallibut grounds the sun shone brightly and the Fairweather Range – more than 100 miles away – were in sight. It looks like the recent rainy stretch has come to an end.

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