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Calm Seas Continue

By June 17, 2011No Comments

Among other things, the first month of our 2011 season be remembered unbelievably calm seas. Day in and day out the ocean is nearly flat. Today we saw a very widely spaced ground swell, but otherwise it was glass. The AU fleet worked a little harder than usual to locate kings, but the efforts paid with limits all around. The trip to the offshore grounds was easy and limits of halibut were also the rule. Pinks, silvers and chums added to mix, although all three seemed less abundant today than yesterday when the two boats in the Tim Thompson parts brought in 19 silvers total – very unusual and welcome in mid-June. The salmon continue to be a bit more mobile this year than in recent memory. Today’s hotspot has no guarantee of being tomorrow’s. Still, with a bit of effort and communication, we solve the puzzle each day.

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