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Captain Chuck gets knee fixed!

By November 21, 2011One Comment

On Nov. 10th I had reconstructive knee surgery.  It was a pretty major overhaul, but things seem to be mending well.  My ACL was tore 20 years ago, and this summer I think I tore my meniscus.  All that was fixed along with a microfracture to attempt to build up some new cartilage on the bottom of my femur.  Doc says I’m on crutches until Christmas.  That should give the cartilage time to heal.  My family and friends have been a wonderful support group.  My wife Jen has always had a bit of a weak stomache, and she confirmed that again as she passed out after visiting with the doctor during the post operation visit.  A couple black and white photos of the inside of my knee and a little discription of the procedure was all it took to get her a ride on a wheel chair into her own recovery room!  She’s doing just fine now too.  My brother Dave suggested that rather than doing surgery, that it would be better to have them cut it off and just add a wooden peg!  I’m sure that along with my Captain Morgan halloween costume would have been entertaining during the summer.  I just don’t think I could keep a straight face as I asked my guests “AAAARRRRGGGG you ready to go fishing” each morning!

I’ll be ready to dance on the deck of the 7th Sun by May.  AAAARRRR you going to join me?

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