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Last night in Anchorage the NPFMC(North Pacific Fishery Management Council) passed a motion that will recommend to the IPHC(International Pacific Halibut Commision) regulations for halibut in 2012.  The IPHC will meet in Anchorage in late January to finalize.  Without getting into too much confusing detail, this is what the 2012 halibut regulations       *might*       be for guided non-residents in Sitka.

One fish – either under 45 inches(43 pounds) or over 68 inches(163 pounds) for guided non-residents.
This is a significant improvement from last season (one fish under 37 inches).  We are excited to have this move in the right direction, and we are thankful to all of those that worked on our behalf to achieve this. We will keep you informed of any chances that happen as things move forward.  Feel free to contact us for more details or better explaination.    Thanks.


  • daved rose says:

    The change for 2012 look’s more inviting if it is changed. My wife booked a suprise trip for my son inlaw, my son and myself. Our biggest intrest is HALIBUT when i saw the 2011 37” I was not to thrilled. We do alot of fluke fishing here in connecticut. We hope the change takes place . MIKE, BRIAN , DAVE…

    • Captain Chuck McNamee says:

      We are confident that the regulations will be better in 2012 than 2011. Captain Tom is 95% certain that the regs will be as mentioned. We are looking forward to fishing with your family. If we get a couple ‘Barn Doors’ hooked up, fluke fishing may never be the same!

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