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Random Fish

By June 27, 2012No Comments

Fishing is about patterns. But, what can you when a pattern fails to appers and things go random? Which seems the case in the last few days. Monday and Tuesday were marked by high winds that kept us away from some of the grounds that have been most productive lately. We eventually found fish in a protected area, but that’s where the seemingly random nature of it all kicked in.  Two boats fishing the same drift would end up with very different scores – one landing many, the other few. Oddly, the next day, the same two boats, the same anglers aboard, and a reversal of results. Which isn’t to say people didn’t catch fish. King limits have generally be attainable. But, yesterday, half our fleet went to an area that had been very good the day before and ran into a full bore struggle to find fish. All of which is to say, this June, despite a very strong run prediction, has been anything but the normal wide open king bite. We and our anglers have had to work hard for the fish. Does this mean the run forecast was wrong and the fish are missing? Does this mean the fish are late? Stay tuned.

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