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Time for some Sitka stories and pictures to preview 2013

By April 12, 2013No Comments

Since we are quickly approaching the 2013 season, you can imagine we are anxious to get back to Sitka. We know that many of you will be returning to Sitka as well, and what gets everyone excited about their visit more that stories and pictures? Every Friday leading up to our season, we will post a picture from 2012 and accompany it with a Sitka story.  Our first entry is Dick Kratz, who has been visiting us for 17 years!

Dick Kratz and a king salmon

Dick Kratz

When I started running guided salt water trips 26 years ago, I’d have never guessed how many interesting and accomplished people would come into my life via my job.

I met Dick Kratz in 1984 on the Alagnak River near Bristol Bay in Western Alaska. He started fishing with us in 1996 and he’s been up every year since. Dick is 91 years old – still hooking and landing his share of fish.

At age 4 Dick decided he wanted to become an eye doctor. Very few of us know such clarity at a tender age, but that’s exactly what he did. And, he’s not just any eye doctor. Dick was very important in the development of the inter ocular contact lenses that are surgically implanted into the eyes of people with cataracts. Now people who’d have been condemned to cloudy vision see clearly. It’s a huge contribution. And, when I had vision issues a few years back, Dick was on the horn in a heartbeat and got me into the best specialists who helped fix a fairly complex problem.

Dick brings a really great spirit to life and fishing. He’s just one of the many really special people who fish with Angling Unlimited. I look forward to having Dick aboard again this year.

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