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Captain Ryan finished his second day with the Ligon party and it’s been a successful trip. Both days they caught their limit of silvers with some kings mixed in. The first day they fished deep for halibut. It was slow – only one halibut the first day, but they were able to find five black cod. The second day of their trip, they caught all of their halibut while salmon fishing. John Ligon caught an adult wolf eel, which we don’t see that often and Captain Ryan noted that a salmon shark was swimming circles around their boat today. That’s a good sign for those who wish to target salmon sharks. The water is warming and the sharks are movingĀ in sooner than usual.


IMG_2281Captain Greg fished his second day with the Fulton party and brought in the biggest king for AU this summer. Tom Fulton landed a 48-pound king at Point Amelia, which he hooked at 25 feet and fought for nearly 20 minutes. At one point, it took some carful maneuvering by Captain Greg to steal the large king away from a pesky sea lion.

Captain Tom's Fishing Repor FInalCaptain Greg and Captain Ryan fished primarily at Point Amelia for salmon. That has been the theme this year – everyone begins at the Point and if fish aren’t there, everyone scatters to try other spots. The ocean has been very calm, which we are glad to see. It makes fishing and travel much more enjoyable.

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