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Sitka Fishing Report 8/23: Endless Summer

By August 23, 2013No Comments

Captain Tom's Fishing Repor FInal

August 22 featured blue skies, calm water, and great silver action. On  my boat, Albatross, we landed on a large school of silvers immediately. Fishing with Doug and Nancy Boyden, Ed and Barbie Benshoof, it took two hours to get 24 silvers to the boat including 6 fish over 12 pounds. The biggest silver of the day was an 18 pounder landed by Barbie on her first trip ever to Alaska. These big silvers are almost like a different species than the more normal 8 to 10 pounders. They make long runs and incredible leaps. They are much deeper bodied – adding most of the extra weight in girth, not length. They are what makes fishing late August and early September very special. We followed the silver action with a trip offshore and landed a limit of halibut up to 40 pounds. The water was dead calm, the temperatures reached the low 70’s. It was t-shirt weather. How long this will hold is anyone’s guess, but the long range forecast has nothing foreboding yet.  The summer of 2013 continues to reach new heights for both great fishing and calm weather. We know summer is never endless, but this has been one hell of a run.

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