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Deckhand Jake working on cutting the bait for optimal spin.

Cutting and rigging a herring for mooching seems relatively simple. We went over what I believe is the ideal spin in last week’s post about spin control.

What wasn’t revealed is that I cut my bait upside down and those baits spin counter clockwise. Most people cut them right side up and they spin clockwise. My reason for my cut has nothing to do with counter clock or clock and all to do with a repetitive process that creates a tight, fast spin.

That said, I knew a guide in Sooke, British Columbia who trolled anchovies on downriggers. At the beginning of each day he sent down an anchovy rigged to spin clockwise and one that rotated counterclockwise. If the salmon showed clear favor for one direction, he switched both baits to that direction. He truly believed that the salmon pay attention to direction of spin and their preference changed from day to day.

Possible or not? What do you think? Let us know!

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