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10 steps for a great fishing trip with kids

By February 4, 2014No Comments

Parents and grandparents who want to show the younger generation the fun of fishing in Alaska often ask us the right age for getting a kid started. Angling Unlimited has no minimum age requirement because what matters most is the individual kid. We’ve had 8 year olds hold up beautifully for three days and seen much older kids bail out after a day. Here are 10 steps to making an Alaskan trip work for that lucky kid.


Rule 1: Don’t try too hard
When you bring a youngster, you might hope to ignite a similar fanaticism from the kid. You might even push for it and feel disappointed if you don’t get the right response. They need to move into it at their own pace.

Rule 2: It’s their experience
Sharing an experience should never be confused with having the same experience. Expect a youngster to have some ups and downs, some need to sleep in the cabin, and to take some downtime, even if the fishing is white-hot. Always remember, this is their fishing experience. Focus on them and derive your pleasure from theirs.

Rule 3: Don’t Over TeachEbook cover
One of the great things about fishing is that it’s so experimental. Give the kid some basics and let them conduct a little trial and error. Every once in a while check in with him or her to see if you can help with a little more instruction. Our captains and deckhands at Angling Unlimited have a lot of experience working with kids.

Fishing with kids is a rewarding experience. If you want to do it right, you can read the rest of our 10 steps for a great fishing trip with kids by downloading our updated eBook!

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