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silver limit

The Jim Messenger party fishing aboard Story Teller with Captain James Baumann brought in the first silver salmon limit on June 23. After a morning of excellent king action, they’d gone offshore and gotten a limit of halibut. Upon returning to the salmon grounds, they came upon a big school of silvers and landed six each in short order. This action didn’t repeat until yesteday when limits and near limits were taken during a wild few hours in the afternoon. Is the run here to stay? I’m guessing yes. Stay tuned.

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  • Great to hear the fishing is fantastic. Our neighbors are arriving today from Seattle – Don Gulden – so say hello and make sure your new deck hand, Lucas, works hard to get their limits! All the best – thinking of you from Wenatchee, WA where we continue to enjoy delicious fish caught in Sitka with you all last May.
    Ludger Szmania
    Hook It & Cook It 2014

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