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The first day of Keenan Gallagher’s Sitka fishing trip will probably be one he’ll never forget. Captain Phil went to Point Mary, where the king fishing has been very reliable lately, picked a spot and dropped the anchor in between two other AU boats. Keenan decided he’d break the ice after a slow morning and catch the first king. When Keenan locked into the fish, it quickly burned 260 feet of line off the reel. The fish battled for 20 minutes, maneuvering between boats and anchor lines, while going on several runs of over 50 feet before Keenan finally exhausted the fish to the net. The group starred at the magnificent fish on the deck and Captain Phil knew it was a trophy. The fish weighed 48 pounds on the scale and is by far the largest we’ve seen so far this season!

The group remained at Point Mary the rest of the day. Bait and schools of fish cycled under the boat and when Captain Phil announced the depths to get to, the anglers hooked up. Silvers were high, kings were deep and halibut were cruising the bottom. The group had several salmon quads during the day. They came back with their limit of kings and halibut along with ten silvers. It was a great start to the trip for the Fultons – we can’t wait to see what they catch the next two days!

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