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We’ve reached the final stretch of our season with only two weeks remaining to get in on the fishing. Silvers are in full swing and growing by the day. Fishing since the season midway point has been classic Sitka. Silvers began to arrive at the end of June, with very good overlap of king and silver action into August. Then the king run transitioned into fast, dominant silver action.

Late August silvers gain nearly a pound a week before they return to their native streams. Their aggressive feeding behavior is exhilarating – they’ll attack a mooched herring at 60 feet, swim straight to the surface, and launch into the air before you can reel fast enough to catch up with it! Their strength and acrobatic prowess is a beautiful spectacle when witnessed mere feet from the boat. Fighting strong silvers on light tackle is a powerful allure for our anglers this time of year.

The most reliable location for fish has been The Cape. With an abundance of bait, all species of salmon are lingering off The Cape, gorging on krill, herring, and needlefish before they begin to return to their native streams. Many days have consisted of salmon limits within the first two hours of dropping lines. Other spots that have been reliable are Point Mary, Shelikof Bay, and The Parking Lot. The Cape has been the best and most reliable producer and also a perfect one-stop-shop for salmon, halibut, rockfish, and lingcod.

Visit our photo gallery to see what our clients are catching in 2014.

After an uncharacteristically sunny summer in 2013, the weather also returned to the Sitka we all know. Most days in July and early August were rainy. The seas varied from flat-calm to ten-footers. The rougher days caused the fleet to retreat from The Cape to calmer, inside waters. Fortunately, nine out of ten days the water were comfortable enough to fish wherever we wanted.

A few individual highlights from the last two months were Ron Grossman’s 75-pound salmon shark from The Shark Hole, Keenan Gallagher’s 48-pound king from Point Mary, and Makenzie Richardson’s 20-pound silver from the Parking Lot. Many other parties had multiple hook-ups, witnessed breathtaking whale shows, landed trophy fish, and shared memorable vacations with family and friends. Take a look at the slideshow below to see some of our favorite moments from the second half of 2014.

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