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Erwert2Daily limit: One

Size restriction: Under 42 inches or over 80 inches

Annual limit: None

Disccussion: There are two moving targets effecting our halibut regulations. On the plus side, the stocks are increasing in Southeast Alaska at an encouraging pace. We’re seeing a payoff on the substancially decreased catch limits for both charter and commercial fishers. The catch limits for 2015 will be higher than 2014.

The other moving target is harvest by the charter fleet which increased in 2014 despite tighter regulations. The improving economy and excellent king salmon regulations brought more charter customers to Southeast Alaska. Our experience is that halibut fishing is getting easier, too. So, more people, more fish, higher catch rates all translates to higher harvest unless regulations are tightened further. The number crunchers with the State of Alaska determined that one halibut per day, either under 42 inches or over 80 inches will keep us within our allocation.

As much as we’d all prefer a liberalization of regulations – the long term health of the resource matters most. In the mean time, we can enjoy fast action for halibut up to 40 pounds.







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