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Full deck of May kings


KTOO News of Juneau, reported last week that the winter king catch out of Sitka has been exceptional. ADFG said this year’s catch has nearly doubled last year’s total in the same amount of time. Anglers with decades of experiences share that it’s the best winter in 20 years.

What does this mean for us?

As we wrote about two months ago regarding king location during the winter, these kings are offshore. They follow the food, and their food likes nutrient-rich water. It’s encouraging that the number of mature kings out of Sitka is bountiful. As the season progresses, we’ll gain a better idea of how good once the fish become more concentrated and move closer to shore.

Fortunately for us, come May, the plankton levels rise around Sitka and bring everything closer to shore again. The kings invade and we’re there to meet them. If you’re wondering why May is a great time to fish Sitka, read Captain Tom’s 7 Reasons to Fish May and you’ll discover why this month is so special. Stay tuned for future fishing updates this spring leading up to the season.


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