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The past week brought pulses of silvers swimming past the outside waters. Some days have been excellent, some days good. We’ve had a few rough days, a few calm days. Sounds a lot like fishing.

The size and fitness of the fish remain impressive with some coho reaching into the high teens and testing the 20 pound mark. We had a couple of days at Cape Edgecumbe when kings up to 25 pounds entered the catch for a few lucky anglers. When asked what’s the best way to get a king, my standard answer is prayer. Perhaps it’s better to look at it like you’re playing the lottery. Fishing for silvers is your ticket and random luck determines if you catch a king. But, what lottery ticket provides so much fun as catching silvers? You win either way.

For the past 10 days we’ve seen a steady building in blue shark numbers. This isn’t good news as they make it harder fishing for salmon and halibut. Cut-offs of gear from blue sharks can become so frequent that you have to move the boat and start over. We’ll be fishing about 2 more weeks in the 2018 season. Stay tuned for the final fishing reports.

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