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Sunday brought calm waters and fast action for silvers and halibut. On Monday we experienced increasing wind and rain with steadily growing seas. Still, the fishing for silvers remained solid, but getting offshore for halibut got dicey. We headed out Tuesday to find the wind down and the seas up – a big swell and much confusion. The situation was well short of comfortable but it wasn’t unsafe so we slowly made our way to the best silver fishing with good results. By late morning the ocean laid down and we enjoyed good halibut action. Wednesday delivered continued calming and silver fishing that was good but not lights out. Most boats came in short of limits but not by much. Thursday came with dead calm, but the silvers were harder to come by. If you worked the right location with patience, a decent score could be reached. Those that searched for the mother lode – myself included – didn’t do so well. Kings continue to become more scarce. Halibut and rockfish action is solid.


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