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Next up in the Angling Unlimited Offseason Report is our very own artist in residence, Captain David Gross (DJ). If you’ve fished with us, you’ve seen his art on the walls of our suites and in our office. DJ’s work is complex, abstract, and strongly conveys the beauty of the natural world of Southeast Alaska.

DJ begins his offseason exercising his passion for hunting – particularly ducks and deer. Once the winter sets in, he takes to the studio. He tries to put in 5 or 6 hours of painting each day, plus he works at Island Artists Gallery in Sitka. He has a studio arts degree from the University of Minnesota in Duluth.

Black cod artwork

His paintings begin with drawings and photos accumulated throughout the year. They are environmentally based, reflective of the natural world of SE Alaska. DJ claims to get a little off track as the dark winter wears on, with new painting inspiration coming from dreams and the unconscious world. He works with mixed media, primarily acrylic paint on canvas or paper, and creates 10 to 15 original works per winter. His work is available for sale at the AU office each summer. You can also peruse and/or purchase his work all year on his website and on the Island Artists Gallery website.

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