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It’s a wild mix for salmon this late July. We’re finding a mix of silvers, chum, pinks, and kings that generate constant bites in the Cape Edgecumbe area. To the north, at our regular spots on the west side of Kruzof, kings remain abundant with some silvers mixed in. The halibut action is excellent a short boat ride from the salmon action. If the goal is a mix of halibut, blackcod, and pacific cod, trips to the deeper offshore waters have been successful. We continue to catch lingcod in the slot (30 to 40 inches) in good numbers and the rockfish remain ever obliging. The weather pattern has turned cool and wet with a windy rain event coming about every 4 days followed by 3 days of relative calm. Our guests enjoy the break from the sweltering heat in the lower 48, but the AU staff wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more sun.


Photos of the David South group who came all the way from London for 4 days of great fishing.

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