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As we enter the home stretch of the 2023 season, our guests have enjoyed some special weather and excellent fishing. We’re talking calm seas (for the most part) and solid action for ever bigger silvers, halibut, and scattering of late-season kings. This hasn’t been the lights out, limits in an hour type of silver show. It’s more a fish here, fish there, with an occasional fast flurry that adds up over the course of a day to limits or near limits. Halibut have been fast in the same area as the silvers with a shot at some bigger flatties farther offshore. The deep-deep fishing for halibut and blackcod hasn’t been as consistent as usual – some days good, some days a struggle. This poses the question: Do you stay on the steady grind and get more silvers with perhaps smaller halibut and no blackcod or take your chances offshore weather permitting? You never know until you go, or not. Rockfish remain a daily crowd pleaser and a fair number of slot-sized ling continue to spice the action.

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