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Over the past week our guests enjoyed good weather except for one day with a bumpy but
fishable NW wind. Halibut action, including several large GAF halibut ranging from 50 to 100
pounds, has provided lots of smiles. As always, rockfish make for fast fun.

King fishing has been subpar and spotty of late – not what we typically see in midseason. It’s all
about being in the right place at the right time. If you get over a school of kings the limits can
come fast, but these magical moments don’t last long. A few missed bites, a wrong guess or two
and the search for kings becomes an all-day affair. On the plus side, our own Ken Baumann
landed a 40-pound king, the biggest of our season.

There’s no run timing reason behind the slow down and we expect an upward swing as schools
of kings continue their migration down the coast of Southeast Alaska. Adding to the grind, we’re
seeing precious few coho (silvers) to date. We expect this to change some day very soon. They
are somewhere between due and overdue.

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