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David Gross

Angling Unlimited crew member David Gross

AU’s Captain David, also known as DJ, was born 1978 to David and Mary Gross and raised in
the small farming community of Springfield, Minnesota. He attended the University of Minnesota
in Duluth, graduating in 2001 he received a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis on painting and
photography. He began working for Angling Unlimited in 2003 as our fish processor. From 2004-
2006 he was deckhand for Captain Tom. He passed his coast guard exam in the winter of 2007
and became Captain David in 2007. He quickly revealed a unique talent for finding fish. He is
softspoken, quiet, and a bit magical when it comes to finding fish. He’s deeply appreciated by
the many AU clients who insist on fishing with him.

David says, “From the moment I started in Sitka, I’ve been in love with the scenery around me
and fascinated by ocean life and wanting to be a part of it all.” To that end he’s lived in Sitka
since 2011, working as a charter fishing captain in the summer and creating artwork in the
winter. In the “off-season,” David enjoys fishing, duck, and deer hunting, and being outdoors
finding inspiration for works of art, which are an abstract take on the environment around him
and commentary on the cycles in nature (

Quote: “Time is an ocean, but it ends on the shore” Bob Dylan


Photo ofDavid Gross
David Gross
Angling Unlimited
4256 Halibut Point Rd,
Sitka, Alaska, 99835