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Nels Burd

Nels Burd

Hometown: Annandale, MN

Why Alaska: My mom and uncle both worked in Sitka for a few summers and it has always been my dream.

Offseason: I go to Bemidji State University for accounting, but next year I plan on moving to Brookings, South Dakota.

Hobbies:  I enjoy doing lots of things outdoors like hunting (mostly waterfowl), fishing, camping, boating, skiing, and much more!

Education:  I currently attend Bemidji State University for accounting. I am not totally sure what I want to end up doing one day, but I hope that whatever I end up doing it allows me to have plenty of time to enjoy my hobbies.

Favorite Quote:”The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

Photo ofNels Burd
Nels Burd
4256 Halibut Point Rd ,
Sitka, Alaska, 99835