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Captain Tom's Fishing Report

Hook It and Cook It Heats Up

By May 18, 2012No Comments

Angling Unlimited’s annual Hook It and Cook It event began with two days of unusually cold and windy weather. The seas were rough and the conditions challenging, but the kings cooperated at Vitskari Rocks. Aboard my boat, David Lee, Pat Riley, and Eric Jensen managed to bring 14 kings to the boat on day one. On day two, we enjoyed the company of Chef Ludger Szamania’s owner of the well known restaurant that bears his name in downtown Magnolia in Seattle. We had a good morning of fishing, followed by a long dry spell, and finished with the Chef catching the last salmon of the day. Each day we’ve enjoyed a good mix of chicken halibut along with the kings. The weather finally turned for the better on Friday and Eric Jensen began the day with a 40 pound king, which was quickly followed by kings in the mid-20’s by David Lee and Craig Lee.  David boated a 32 pounder the day before. The king fishing in general has ranged from very good to challenging, but the ocean signs look positive with arriving whales, krill blooms and big schools of needlefish.

The Hook It and Cook It evenings provided a welcome, warm and cozy break from the unusually cool May weather. Everyone gathered to watch Chef Ludger create delicious dishes and teach us how to recreate them. We’ve enjoyed everything from sushi to halibut Pho, to fish tacos. It’s a great way to get our fishing season underway. Stay tuned for more reports.

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