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Captain Tom's Fishing Report

Right Place, Right Time

By May 25, 2012No Comments

King fishing has been generally good the past few days with the exception of yesterday (Thursday) when it was a bit scratchy for the three boats out. The fish don’t seem to be very settled – showing up in different places every day making this very much about being in the right place at the right time. On Wednesday, Captain Greg fishing with the Buak party, was just finishing up halibut fishing in shallower water with salmon gear when a school of kings swam under the boat. Chaos followed with a triple header and the fish hung around long enough for them to pick off a half dozen. Yesterday on my boat we had a double header to start the morning, then found only one king the rest of day. We did manage some halibut, two lings, and a variety of rockfish in the process, but overall it was slow. The feed for the salmon – mainly needlefish – seems to show up very sporadically and yesterday there was a strong ocean current running north which seemed to hinder our efforts. We’ll be out with five boats today and back with the next report soon. The weather remains cooler than normal but the ocean has ranged from calm to a little choppy but very fishable.

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