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Captain Tom's Fishing Report

What a Difference a Month Makes

By June 6, 2012No Comments

May 2012 will go down as one of the wettest, coldest Mays we can recall. Thankfully June is off to a totally different start. Dave Maddock and Doug Moll fished aboard my boat on May 31 amidst high winds, 8 foot waves, and an endless parade of white caps. We struggled early on anchor but found a short window in the wind and hooked a double header of kings while drifting that brightened the cold windy day. The winds came up and we anchored up again, but we didn’t run into much action. Then, toward the end of the day, we got a call from Captain DJ who, in his understated way, said “things are going pretty good” where he was fishing. This translated to a “white hot” to me and we ran five miles north – fortunately with the wind. Soon we were into another double header, which we got to the boat before being blown off anchor – a good way to end a tough day. The next day, Dave and Doug fished with DJ. The ocean went flat, they headed to “the cape” along with Jim and Tomma Kraft aboard. The clouds parted, the sun shone, and the fishing was spectacular for kings and halibut with nearly non-stop action for hours. The weather has been mostly sunny and calm since with abundant kings along with very good halibut fishing. I’ve always believed there are two seasons in Sitka – cold, wet and windy or summer which is often quite calm if not sunny. It’s looking like we turned the corner. Stay tuned.

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