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The Other Salmon

By July 11, 2012No Comments

Tuesday delivered a flush of the other salmon. Don and Chris Weathers, fishing with Jack and John Gordon on Captain DJ’s boat brought in a limit of 24 silvers along with a halibut limit and 3 kings. Silvers showed pretty well in the last week of June, then took a hiatus for the first week of July. The past few days have delivered a resurgence. The silvers should be establishing themselves along most of the outer coast now. Doug and Audrey Weather fishing with Curtis and Denise Schott on Captain Phil’s boat batted for the salmon cycle on Tuesday landing all five North American species of Pacific salmon: king, silver, chum, pink, and sockeye. In general, the king fishing remains a bit slower than normal, although you couldn’t tell that to the anglers fishing with Captain Chuck when they hit a quick limit in the first hour of fishing. My guess is the trend will be for increased numbers of kings through July and deep into August because runs in general have been late in Alaska this year due to cool gray weather and cold water temperatures. The ocean remains very productive with ┬álots of whales, birds, and krill. This will drive a very strong second half of the season for all species of salmon.

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