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We don’t expect most of you to know the difference between a Volvo D6 and a Volvo 43. But, we know you can feel, smell, and hear the difference. The D6, a new generation computerized fuel-injected diesel, makes a boat faster, quieter, and refreshingly smoke free. That’s why we sold our final 3 Volvo 43 powered boats last year and replaced them with D6 powered vessels. Now the entire AU fleet runs with the newest of the new in diesel power – fast, reliable, and, as always, diesel is the safer choice. And like the newest automotive diesels, there isn’t even a hint of diesel smell.

The three new boats to our lineup are Albatross, Discovery, and Storyteller. They represent our commitment to the best possible equipment, which in turn, provides for the best fishing experience for our customers. Take a look at the best fleet built for North Pacific sportfishing – great hull, heated weather protection when traveling, 360 degrees of fishing deck, and the most sophisticated, reliable power on the water.

We brought the first boat walkaround Almar to Sitka in 1999. Since then, Almar became North River but we’ve continued working with the builder to remain on the cutting edge of evolving the walk around aluminum design.

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