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After three tours as a deckhand, Bryan Christensen will captain next season for AU. His years of training under fishing legends, Chris Weiland, Tom Ohaus, Phil Carlson and David Gross have prepared Captain Bryan to take over for Captain Ben.

Hooked on fishing at an early age, the Minnesotan cherishes his memories of open water and ice fishing for walleyes and taking summer fishing trips to Canada with his dad. Now wintering in Hawaii, Bryan still finds time to hit the water and wet a line. There’s no stopping his fishing obsession.img 42 copy

Bryan brings a genuine personality and optimistic attitude to the AU team of great captains. His desire to provide the ultimate adventure for our fishing friends will be entertaining for years to come. We are excited to welcome Bryan as a captain for 2014.

Here’s a note from future Captain Bryan:

“Dreams do come true! 2013’s fishing season with AU was epic. We had beautiful weather and a hot salmon bite nearly all summer long. What more could I ask for? Then I got a call from Tom and Chuck in December offering me a captain’s position. I was ecstatic to say the least. I have been working hard over the past few years, honing my skills with the hopes of one day captaining. I am ready for the challenge. Perhaps my greatest challenge will be living up to Captain Ben’s fishing legacy since he is the guide I am stepping in for. I am excited to share Sitka’s beauty and world-class fishery with everyone I take fishing. I can’t wait! Let the good times roll! A special thanks to Tom, Chuck and Ben for providing me this opportunity!”


  • Peg Harmon says:

    Congratulations Captain Bryan! So happy for you and all you will take fishing !!! Peg

  • Larry Lindeman says:

    So, so happy for you. You are very deserving. All that hardwork and being the person you are , there is no doubt you made Captain ! Good luck, see you in August 2014. From ‘toothpick’ Larry.

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