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Each of our client stories are unique. Some clients visit with family, others with friends or co-workers, and some come alone and join other groups. Jim McLendon fished with Captain Chuck as a single in early June and experienced the impressive king fishing and friendly company of the other clients on board – Joel Merzon and Roxie and Tiny Blanchard. After another memorable trip, Jim sent us his recap that we wanted to share.

His story, like many of our long time fishing friends details why many continue to choose Angling Unlimited over all the other options out there.

“I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about fishing in early June when ONLY the Kings were running around, however I am certainly pleased about my experiment – it was simply super! And as far as Captain Chuck goes – he is great. What an enjoyable, fun-filled experience and his deckhand Ryan was awesome as well – super team!  Not taking anything away from any of the captains I have had before, because each had their own merits and styles, but Chuck is very open and “loosens-up” as he finds out more about the specific fishermen/fisherwomen he has aboard, etc. and that is a solid way to do it! 

The quote of the trip came on a still, quiet, cold, rainy morning – my last fishing day (Sun) when it was only a little after 7AM with Chuck using the trolling motor in the Shark Hole with 3 very nice Kings already aboard and when the 4th one was hooked-up, Chuck shouted from the stern “do you believe in miracles?!” – a humorous moment for all!!  I had the pleasure to fish with Ken on the bow that day and it was fun talking with him.  The most unique experience was actually hooking up with a humpback whale as it passed under our boat and started peeling-off my line – well I couldn’t turn this 70,000lb creature with my rod and 25lb test line, so the line gave way!  Even though I didn’t get that “50 pounder” I did boat a 34 lb. king and that was the best of our our trip, so that was awesome!”

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