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The McBride party of Jerald McBride Jr., Jerald Sr., and Shawn Wilson were our last clients of the season and fished with Captain Cobra September 6, 7, and 8. The group saw the weather extremes that Sitka can deliver during their three days. The weather was windy and rainy their first day. The open ocean was not fishable. The group ventured to calmer waters, because they couldn’t reach The Cape given the conditions. They went north, fishing the Shark Hole, Icy Queen, Galoi, Sinitsin, and many other spots in search of salmon. They didn’t have much luck. Most of their catch for the day was halibut, rockfish, and halibut.

Fortunately, the storm quickly blew through, the clouds parted, and the ocean settled. For the next two days, The Cape was comfortable and fishable. Captain Cobra put the group on the dependable hot silver bite at The Cape. Their daily salmon catch was no surprise. it was full of strong, acrobatic silvers that fed on anything in front of their face. Most of the fish fell between the 12-18 pound range. These fish are cruising around in schools, feeding aggressively. It wasn’t uncommon to hook into a silver, get it near the surface, and have half a dozen other silvers following it!

The halibut fishing was also lights out. Each day, they went a few miles northwest of The Cape to 600 feet of water. A half hour after the baits hit the bottom, the group had their limit. Not only did the group experience the spectacular fishing many saw since mid-August, but their last two days were some of the most beautiful days we’ve seen in weeks. Jerald Jr. took some breathtaking photos of a Sitka sunset this time of year that he shared with us. Great shot, Jerald!

Day in and day out, The Cape was the most reliable fishing location for salmon. We officially ended our season on September 8, but the silvers are still feeding on the ocean, and in big numbers. The halibut, which are here year around, also showed no signs of slowing down. With discounted September rates, this time of year is perfect for one last summer vacation and an ideal time if you are in search of that trophy-class, 20-pound, hook-nose silver!

2014 was another phenomenal year. Stay tuned for Captain Tom’s recap of the season.

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