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IMG_1321The McClean party of 12 anglers filled three boats at the end of June. Captain David fished with Blake Bethards, Bill Bethards, Al Kitchel, and Jason Kitchel.

In search of their kings, they began each day to the north. They stopped at the Shark Hole, Point Amelia, and the Parking Lot. Each spot had kings, but the action was short-lived, forcing them to move down the line. Once on the outside, they had to battle sea lions to land their kings. No boat in our fleet was immune to the sea lion thievery.

With halibut also on the agenda and calm water on their side, the group went deep and got into a quick bite of halibut and black cod. The seas were calm everyday of their trip, which allowed them to fish kings in the morning, run out deep for halibut, then return to salmon fishing at the Cape or areas to the north. The salmon still seems divided with the North holding kings and the south having cohos.

The cherry on top was day two when they caught three slot lingcod in between 30 and 35 inches and a limit of yellow eye rockfish to supplement their catch.

The largest king of the trip was young Thomas Marici’s 44-pound trophy from the Shark Hole caught on Captain Bo’s boat. It’s currently the leader for largest king caught by one of our clients in 2015.

Trolling opener begins today and the revised king salmon regulations go into effect. Stay tuned for our next post to hear how the 2015 trolling opener fairs for Southeast Alaska.


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