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“Predictions are hard to make, especially about the future”

King salmon are managed by an international agreement between the U.S. and Canada. Each year, scientists from both countries calculate the “Abundance Index” (AI), which is based on hundreds of weighted inputs to rivers and hatcheries all the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and SE Alaska.

The AI is the number we eagerly await each spring because from it flows sport fishing regulations. The higher the AI means, the more liberal the daily bag limits and annual limits. The fishing itself often ignores the AI. Big run forecasts don’t guarantee red hot king fishing and weak forecasts can still deliver great fishing. As inexact a science as this can seem, long term sustainability of the resource depends on management to the best available numbers.

What we know is that Sitka sits at the epicenter of the best king fishing in the North Pacific. We expect great action at our doorstep each year – including 2016.

As for regulations – we won’t know the official AI for another month or so. No matter what the regulations, the angling and the fun remain unlimited.

The range of likely regulations? The middle bet seems to us as by far the most likely. The upper end seems least likely. But, we’ve been surprised before. Stay tuned.

Low end: 1 king per day, 3 kings annual limit.

Upper end: 2 kings per day in May and June, 5 king annual limit.

Middle range: 2 kings per day in May, 1 per day the rest of the season, 4 king annual limit. We get what the wizard of kings delivers.

Enjoy elite king fishing during the months of May and June by booking today for prime fishing dates! 

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