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A group of anglers dressed for Sitka fishing!

We kick off our season with Hook It & Cook It in less than two months! Many of you (including us) booked your plane tickets and are counting the days until you leave for Sitka. But, what should you pack?

Sitka’s climate is similar to the Pacific Northwest. The thermometer may say 60 degrees, but the combination of marine moisture and a light breeze makes it feel cooler, especially for people traveling in from warm, summer weather in the lower 48. We supply rain gear and boots, which are essential for blocking the wind and rain. You’ll want to bring layers for under the rain gear – at least one more layer than you think you need. Synthetic fleece fabrics provide better warmth and comfort in wet weather than cotton clothes, but merino wool is even better for one layer. Conditions in Sitka can range from sunny and warm to cloudy, wet and cool. You might be down to t-shirts one day and bundled up the next. The best approach is to be prepared for it all.

Alaska and Delta have different rate structures for checked baggage. We recommend that you fit all of your clothes in a carry-on to eliminate the extra bag fee when you return home with your box of fish!

For a list of other necessary items to bring, download our eBook. You’ll learn about our fishery, fishing style, bringing kids fishing, and much more. See you in Sitka!

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