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In the past, Captain Tom has shared his knowledge of mooching at several speaking engagements. The title of his presentation is: “Mooching: The Ins and Outs of Hands-On Salmon Fishing.” If you haven’t been able to attend and want some basic steps towards mastering mooching, here is a snippet of his presentation.

fishing-reel-webThe Proper Way to Hook a Salmon When Mooching

1. Feel the bite.

2. Confirm the bite – that means pause and make sure the fish is chewing your herring. It doesn’t mean wait until the fish swims off or tugs the tip down. Generally about 2 or 3 seconds – not much longer.

3. Reel (as fast as needed) with the tip relatively low until you’re rod fully bent over, the drag is slipping and the fish is pulling hard in the other direction.

4. (Optional) Set the hook. Totally unnecessary, but some people just can’t resist. Do not use step four with circle hooks.

Good luck! If you want to experience mooching for yourself and learn from expert guides, come fishing with us this summer – there’s still availability!

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