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Since Angling Unlimited was founded, the focus has always been on you, the customer, and we’ve learned from almost 30 years of guiding on the North Pacific how to deliver a trip that exceeds even the loftiest expectations.

As you will see in this video, we understand that every phase of the trip matters: customer service, fishing skills, the perfect boat, comfortable accommodations, great tackle, and taking care of all your needs. Our guests travel from all over the world to fish with us and expect a worry-free, first-class adventure.

Many of our customers tell us at the end of their trip that their expectations were exceeded. That’s our goal for every guest—whether it’s your first visit or your 20th. Set the bar high and Angling Unlimited will clear it by a mile.

Watch and let us know your favorite reason for coming back!



  • Bryon Reed says:

    Looking forward to coming in July and fishing with Captain Chuck. The video was great, it was fun to see all the people I have become familiar with over my past 5 trips.

  • Harry G says:

    have been going there for 15 years i believe . I am in hospitality industry and Angling unlimited shoudl eb the training ground for my staff:) they are awsome . REAl, REAL people awith great attitudes. As Capt Tom said you cant fake that you have it or not.
    Kudos to you ALL.

  • You guys are truly the Best!

  • gary klatt says:

    2013 in August was our first trip to Angling Unlimited. After a record long cold winter with 11′ of snow in Duluth I called my two close fishing buddies and said,”I’m going back this year to Alaska, don’t know where but I will let you know.” The previous 20 years we have called Kodiak Island and Whale Pass home, but another good friend had been telling me about this place in Sitka and gave it glowing reviews. So, I called Kim, spoke with her and said let’s do it. We spent four days fishing with AU in Sitka and went home tired and each of us with three boxes of wonderful fish. At the end of the fourth day while resting, we looked at each other and said, “Any reason why we wouldn’t come back in 2014?” We immediately booked for a return performance and we are excited! My two good fishing buddies and I have fished many camps and countries and this was one of the best fishing, boats and captains that we had been exposed to in all of our trips. Accommodations were excellent and all the support staff of AU were wonderful.

  • Earl Parrish says:

    Is almost time for my annual trip to visit my adopted family at AU, this will be my 14th trip in 13 years. I look forward to this every, to see good friends and the fantastic fishing. I have said this before, things get better every year, the company is always great, the fishing at times can be rough but it is called fishing not catching. And many fish will be caught. The staff is top notch, always trying to do more and more for you. I could go on and on about how good AU is, but to really find out, you must trying it, you will not be disappointed!!!!

  • Earl Parrish says:

    Well it is getting close to my time at AU, this will be my 14th trip in 13 years, and everyone has always been great. For me it is like spending four days with MY family. The fishing is usually great, but some times the weather likes to make it a little harder, so that is why they call it fishing and not catching. But you will have plenty of fish to take back to your home. You have to try fishing with AU in order to believe how good fishing can be.

  • Earl Parrish says:

    Looks like I goofed with my second entry about how good AU is, after I had entered my first entry, I received an e-mail that stated my entry had timed out, so I went to look for it, could not find it and than added the second entry. Sorry about the second entry.

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