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We are often asked whether we ever cancel trips due to weather. In a word – No. And, the reasons why are simple. First, people don’t pay good money, take time away from work and home, and travel all the way to Alaska to sit in their room – no matter how nice a room. Second, the many islands, the inside waters, and the large lee shores created by the high topography of Southeast Alaska provide safe and potentially productive fishing options in almost all weather.

Case in point – last August I headed north from the dock, opted to head inland and avoid what was clearly a very rough ocean. We fished in wind and we got rained on. We experienced chop but no swell and each angler caught four silvers, the biggest was 17 pounds. Plus, we brought in a limit of rockfish and one slot limit ling. As we approached Sitka, I overheard that the road from our dock to the lodge was blocked by a landslide – that’s how hard it rained. We arranged for pickup of the guests at the town dock. That was the most extreme weather event of 2017 and people still got out and fished successfully.

The weather most definitely limits where we can fish, so it can prevent travel to the most productive spots. We sometimes have very slow days due to weather, but we also have some lights out fishing days during some serious blows. You never know unless you go.

The rule of thumb at AU – our captains determine what is safe, our clients determine what is comfortable. We’re determined, we get results, but we’re never foolish.

Tree fallen on a road in Sitka, Alaska
Tree fallen on a road in Sitka, Alaska
Tree fallen on a road in Sitka, Alaska
Hill covered in forest in Sitka, Alaska

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  • Doug Falt says:

    Some of the greatest fishing available. The whole crew all go above and beyond to make sure there is a total great experience. Many THANKS to the WHOLE crew! See you next year!
    Thanks Again
    Doug Falt

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