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AU Crew Party a Whale of a Time

By August 12, 2019No Comments

July 21st was a beautiful day here in Sitka.  Chuck and Jenny figured it was a great day to get the girls out on the water and decided to fire up the 7th Sun for an evening pizza cruise.  They started out by admiring the peak of Mt. Annahootz in Nakwasina Sound, scanning the horizon for any wildlife that might catch their eye.  After enjoying their evening meal in the calm waters of Nakwasina, the cruise continued. Captain Chuck was determined to get them on some rockfish, and the hostesses were ready to get it done. They spent the next half hour jigging for rockfish and enjoying the company of a grey whale that decided to hang out for a while.  Feeling full of wonderful experiences…. and pizza…. It was time to turn in for the evening as the sun was beginning to set. Just as the Cove Marina was approaching their view, Jenny caught a glimpse of something splashing in the distance. A WHALE HAD BREACHED! Captain Chuck swiftly altered his direction of travel and set the boat just so, so all were able to catch a glimpse if the whale chose to continue it’s show. Sure enough, the first breach was followed by a second, and a third, AND A FOURTH! All of which were coming close and closer to the boat. Everyone aboard the 7th Sun stood there stunned, as if they were all attempting to come to terms with what they had just witnessed. It was then that the whale continued to breach, making it’s way around the boat.  It seemed as though the whale was encouraged by the cheering and whistling and joyful screaming coming from the boat. It was truly an incredible experience that won’t soon, or ever for that matter, be forgotten by all aboard the 7th Sun that evening.

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