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Captain Tom's Fishing Report

Sitka Fishing Report: August 20, 2019

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Silver fishing has ranged from excellent to picky over the past week. There have been days of early limits, there have been days of scratching all day to get half limits. And, there was Sunday when we had a howling north wind that made for very rough seas and difficult fishing. That was the first rough day in a long stretch of calm that has persisted much of the summer. Monday, the day after the blow, turned dead calm and lovely with decent but not lights out silver action. The silvers are getting bigger and bigger with each week. In a turn around, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game reopened kings on August 16 with a one per day and one annual limit for nonresident anglers. Kings are still cruising around in good numbers, especially for mid-August. Halibut and rockfish remain highly reliable. 

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