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The weather turned from calm to rough over the past weekend. On Sunday we had a forecast for building west winds that fortunately held off most of the day. This allowed us to catch halibut and silvers on the ocean. Near limits were had by some of our boats and halibut were had by all. The day ended with some decent rallies on protected inside waters.

Monday and Tuesday proved too rough for the ocean but we were able to grind out limits of silvers on inside waters along with rockfish. The boats that went way inland enjoyed decent catches of halibut and pacific cod, along with scratchy silver fishing. Although the silver fishing was never hot-hot, a full day spent grinding on them produced limits or near limits, all in relatively comfortable inshore conditions in spite of the daunting weather forecast.

Chum catches remain unusually high this season. Captain Lev on Loon, fishing with the Smith party brought in 22 on Sunday. Thankfully, the recent rains seem to be luring the pinks to the rivers. They are becoming less a nuisance to our silver efforts.

An Angling Unlimited crew member nets a fish in Sitka, Alaska
Fishing in Sitka, Alaska

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