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The past week offered up some very hot silver fishing with some of the fastest limits of the season. The exception was Sunday when we experienced a slow pick. On Monday, fishing returned to happy times with fast limits coming from three very widely separated locations. No doubt there are lots of silvers around, yet they seem to move around quite a bit. When you’re on them, it’s good times but that may require some searching. All of which sounds a lot like fishing. The size of the silvers continues to increase as they slap on the feed bag for their last month in saltwater. Prior to ascending their home rivers to spawn, silvers can gain up to a pound a week. We haven’t seen a 20-pounder yet, but fish in the low to mid-teens are becoming more common.

Halibut fishing remains reliable if not a slam dunk. We continue to enjoy very good rockfish action. Lingcod in the magical slot limit (30 to 40 inches) remain ever-possible. The weather in the past week has ranged from wet and windy to Monday’s sunny and calm – all pretty typical for Southeast Alaska. Thankfully, we continue to find good silver fishing in well-protected areas when conditions require it.

Woman stands on an Angling Unlimited boat holding a cod
Halibut Fishing with Angling Unlimited in Sitka, AK
Hannelore & Zack Black Rockfish Fishing with Angling Unlimited in Sitka, AK
Lingcod Fishing with Angling Unlimited in Sitka, AK

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