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The 2023 season burst out of the gate strong with Hook It and Cook It. Nine AU boats left the dock on May 18 making a short 25-minute run to Vitskari Rocks for kings. The day one action fell short of wide open, but with a bit of work and a little luck, limits or near limits ruled. From there, a 30-minute run to Cape Edgecumbe produced fast halibut catches. As always, the rockfish and some lingcod obliged in the shallower near-shore water. We enjoyed calm seas, sunny skies, and very warm temperatures, all of which disappeared on day 2 with a southeast wind, drizzle, and rough water. Still, most boats managed to find decent king action and some halibut. On day three, some of us decided to look at the northern grounds where we found schools of hungry kings first thing in the morning then went deep for halibut on dead calm seas. The final day of Hook and Cook wasn’t quite dead calm, but it was very manageable weather with solid king and halibut action. Everyone enjoyed an excellent four days of fishing and weather.

Hook It And Cook It

To literally spice up the fishing action, guests enjoyed four nights of gourmet fish dishes courtesy of Chef Ludger Szmania. Each evening featured a creative appetizer, a soup or salad, and a main course. We’ve been blessed to have Chef Ludger lead this event for almost 20 years, but all good things must pass, and he’s decided to take a back seat to his son Chef Lucas Szmania for 2024. Lucas, who was once an AU deckhand, is now the head chef at Mana Restaurant in Leavenworth, WA. He will take lead responsibilities for Hook It and Cook It ’24 with dear old dad providing the support. The dates for the 2024 edition are set for arrival on May 13, fishing May 14, 15, 16, 17, and departure on May 18. AU looks forward to passing the torch to the new generation.

For a little taste of Hook It And Cook It 2023, here’s an easy recipe for ceviche:


By Chef Ludger Szmania, Warm Springs Inn & Winery, Wenatchee WA
Serves 4-8


1 lb Rockfish fillets–boneless
2 T Cilantro
1/2 each Serrano or Jalapeño Pepper–seeded & finely chopped (amount used depends on how hot you like it)
2-3 each Limes
1/4 each Red & Yellow Bell Peppers, diced
Salt to taste
Blue Corn or Regular Tortilla Chips (low or no salt)


1. Cut the raw rockfish into tiny, thin slices. Put into a mixing bowl. Add all other
ingredients and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Season again with salt & pepper
before serving.
2. Serve with grilled French bread with garlic and butter.


Can be made using other fresh white fish like halibut


Skip The Security Line at SeaTac Airport

For anyone passing through security at SeaTac Airport, there’s a way to hasten the process. A few of our crew members have done this and found it cuts down on waiting in long lines by at least 30 minutes.

Sign Up for SeaTac Spot Saver

Last Minute Openings ALL BOOKED!

Sometimes life gets in the way of the best plans for our guests, thus we get the occasional cancelation over the course of the season. We have the following prime-time spots that have opened for 2023:

  • Full Boat Opening – Arrive June 27, fish June 28, 29, 30, depart July 1. Prime time for kings.
  • 1 or 2 Angler Opening – Arrive July 29, fish July 30, 31, and August 1, depart August 2. Excellent for kings and silvers.
  • 1 or 2 Angler Opening – Arrive August 12, fish August 13, 14, 15, depart August 16. Prime time for silvers.

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