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8 Reasons to Book May and June in 2019

By March 4, 2019No Comments

For all of us at Angling Unlimited the season can’t come soon enough. Bright 16-hour spring days replace dark 16-hour winter nights. King fishing kicks into gear along with an exciting combination of halibut, lingcod, blackcod, and rockfish. AU is ready to do what we love doing most – sharing the excitement of fishing the North Pacific.



  1. Airfare – Book early and get a shot at some of the best airfare packages of the year.
    1. From Seattle to Sitka in May as low as $349/person AK Air. June from Seattle to Sitka AK Air $303/person Midwest area Delta Air $486
  2. Great Specials
    1. Hook It and Cook It – Kings, lings, halibut rockfish and gourmet dining. Detailed instructions from Four Seasons chef Ludger Szmania teaching you to create fish dinners that dazzle family and friends.
    2. Reel Meal – Early June continues as prime time for king salmon, halibut, lingcod and rockfish. Following the fishing fun, enjoy each evening with a wonderfully delicious meal with the culinary skills of former deckhand turned wine connoisseur and foodie, Matt Kachel.
    3. Graduate special – Book a group of four, then add your high school or college graduate for free. It’s that simple. Angling Unlimited also has a surprise gift for the graduate upon arrival.
  3. Blackcod – The offshore halibut grounds often produce the best blackcod catches of the season. If you haven’t tried blackcod, you’re in for a rare treat.
  4. Scenery – Snow covered mountains nearly down to the salt water give the area a uniquely “alpine” look in early season.
  5. Wildlife – Abundant humpbacks, the occasion grey whale, albatross offshore and shearwaters along the coast, sea otters rafted up along the kelp beds. The bears graze on sedge grass along the water’s edge. We see more Orcas in May than any other month. We’d call it an eco-tour if it weren’t for the excellent catch rates for kings, halibut, rockfish and lings.
  6. White kings – The catch of these uniquely oil rich king salmon is highest during the early season.
  7. Regulations – 1 king per day and 3 annual limit. If you like to catch and eat kings, this is your season.
  8. Because you can – May is the break out month. What better way to shake your cabin fever than heading to Sitka to catch kings, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, blackcod.

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