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Angling Unlimited wishes a happy Independence Day to all. We celebrate this great day and country by, of course, going fishing. Over the past 10 days, the king bite has ranged from wide-open to grindy (with results). On July 3rd Terry Weathers landed a 42-pound king, the biggest AU king of the year. Terry’s father Don, 92 years young, was aboard Petrel with Captain DJ to watch the epic struggle.

We’re entering the transition period of the season with silvers slowly taking over the salmon catch. King limits are 2 per year from July 1-15, then one per year from July 16 through the end of the season. The silvers have been trickling into our catches for the past week with results ranging from a few per boat to more than a dozen. We expect the numbers to follow the typical pattern and steadily rise as we drift into mid-July. Halibut continue to be reliable, but the black cod and pacific cod numbers have dropped dramatically over the past two weeks. Forces unknown moved them elsewhere. Rockfish, of course, provide a burst of rapid fun every day.

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