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A strong northwest wind descended on our waters beginning July 5 and lasted until July 10. This is a wind direction that creates choppy and challenging conditions on the ocean. Our captains found enough protection to continue good king catches, but silvers were hard to come by and offshore halibut ventures weren’t an option. Nearshore we still managed to bring in halibut limits, but the fish were on the small side.

On July 10, the wind settled, and we were again free to range over the ocean. Kings remained dependable, halibut in our catches got much bigger, but the coho were still very spotty until the last weekend when they started showing in greater numbers. On the 14th some of our guests enjoyed the first silver limits of the year with ample numbers of kings in the mix. Since then, silver catches have ranged from half to full limits but for the past few days, the kings haven’t been mixing in with them. We are finding kings but in different locations than silvers.

Halibut action remained decent to excellent. The rockfish always provide a guaranteed fun time, but the blackcod/pacific cod action which was so dependable in May through mid-June seems to have vanished for the time being.

On July 14 – Captains Chuck and Tom enjoyed an excellent morning of fishing with office manager Bella and hostesses Katie, Annika, and Molly. Everyone landed a king and some silvers. Captain for the day, Bella ran the boat and netted the fish.

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