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Omega 3

By February 27, 2014No Comments

Perfect fillets - processing

I was walking through Costco the other day and spotted two big displays of Omega 3 supplements. One was salmon oil from Alaska, the other krill oil from the Antarctic. The health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids seem endless including improved cardio vascular health, decreased systemic inflammation, better mental health, slower cognitive decline in aging men, reduction in prostate cancer mortality, and positive impacts on ADHD in kids to name just a few. If you want more, visit Green Med Info. 

Still, I’m a bit leery of supplements. How much is enough? How much is too much? Is the source reliable? How long does it take the oils to go rancid or lose potency? So, I’d rather cut out the middle man and get my Omega 3’s from the source. And, there is no better source than wild Alaskan salmon. A trip with Angling Unlimited is all about adventure, beauty, the excitement of catching a hard fighting fish, but one big fringe benefit comes in the form of perfectly cared for, flash frozen salmon that will last in your freezer for most of the offseason providing you with delicious meals and the finest source of healthful Omega 3 fatty acids on earth.

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